Declan is the main protagonist in Discovery Channel's Frontier.


Mysterious, untamed, and wild like the land itself, Declan Harp has an infamous reputation as a ruthless trader, widely known throughout the Frontier as the unhinged and violent head of the Black Wolf Company . Harp and his highly skilled outfit have gained a lot of ground in the fur trade in a surprisingly short time, and a legitimate threat to the other companies. A clever negotiator who’s managed some seemingly impossible peace agreements between increasingly tense factions, it’s up for debate what Harp’s true intentions are. Driven by a powerful desire for revenge on Lord Benton for something that transpired between them in their dark, shared past, Harp is determined to single-handedly topple the balance of power for the Hudson’s Bay Company. With the loyal company of Sokanon, Samoset, and Dimanche behind him, Harp continues to pursue his target, recruiting young Michael Smyth along the way.[1]



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