Lord Benton is a character in Discovery Channel's Frontier.


A former military man with an enormous capacity for violence and cruelty, Lord Benton forayed his formidable talents into a career as a high-ranking officer of the HBC. Born into privilege, he lives very well in this fortified corner of the Bay, continuing to enjoy his upper-class lifestyle while the people under his purview live and die in the muddy wild. Even though he’s in the Frontier, he feels a man of his rank and station should have all the trappings of good society. A steepening decline in profits brings incredible pressure on Lord Benton from his bosses at the HBC, making his need to destroy the smaller companies – and especially Harp – even more urgent. He views Harp as a disloyal traitor and the number one threat to his position and the Company. Lord Benton strategizes to get to Harp, using Michael Smyth as a means to that end. Cunning and calculating and clinging to their broken past, what will Lord Benton do when he finally comes face to face with his enemy? [1]



  1. Discovery