Michael is a character in Discovery Channel's Frontier.


No one is more surprised than Michael to find he’s an accidental stowaway aboard a ship en route to the New World. After his friend Tommy was executed by a soldier in self-defense, the only thing that keeps this clever Irish kid alive is his whip-fast ability to think on his feet and talk his way out – or in the case of Lord Benton, into something. Bargaining for his life and the freedom of his love, Clenna, back in London, Michael agrees to become a spy in the dangerous revenge game between Lord Benton and Harp, engaging in a delicate balancing act of betrayals, with two very violent men on either side. People would be wrong to underestimate his innocent, wide-eyed exterior though; Michael is tenacious, strong, and stubborn. His empathy still intact for now, he clings to his humanity more than most in this harsh place, and this naiveté threatens his life. He begins to quickly adapt to this thrilling new life in the New World, and it’s not long before he realizes the potential wealth and prosperity that awaits on the other side – if he can survive the brutal game of wealth and power long enough to see it.[1]



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